Introduction to Fintech and Cryptocurrency

Introduction to Fintech and Cryptocurrency

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Brief Introduction

Companies engaged in social media, e-commerce, and telecommunications, as well as, companies and start-ups with large customer data pools, creative energies, and technical capacities, have brought competition to the existing financial infrastructure and are remaking the industry. These transformations have not only created challenges but also unprecedented opportunities, building synergies with new business and regulatory models, particularly in emerging markets and developing countries. This course is designed to explore FinTech fundamentals and help make sense of this wave of change as it happens.


Course Objectives

  • Understand the evolution of Fintech Industry
  • Understand the purpose and function of tradition Fintech and Disruptive Fintech like Payments, Lending and personal finance
  • Emerging Economics: Opportunities and Challenges for Fintech
  • Being up to date with technology

How will it help you?

You can secure your prospects as well as aid in the development of the country by making payments easier, faster, and safer. And as it is a new and developing field, it is also very secure as the number of skilled FinTech professionals is very less presently.

Why is this course important?

We live in a world where technology keeps improving every day. Hence there is a vital need for us to be up to date with these advancements.. FinTech certifications can be pursued by freshers who possess no previous knowledge in this field along with those who wish to upgrade their existing knowledge and skills. Whether you are a finance professional or working in a different department of a financial firm, being updated about the latest trends in Fintech is a must in order to make better decisions.

Learning FinTech will make you stand out in a crowd especially in a highly competitive market. Being able to understand the business processes of the company you are working for is surely rewarding. Understanding financial technology and using proper jargon will also be helpful to answer questions like ‘why FinTech?’

In these fast-paced technological times, it is crucial to keep upgrading your skills to be more productive.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Fintech
  • The Traditional Fintech system
  • Fintech – Payment’s and Lending Domain
  • Fintech -The Personal finance Domain
  • Introduction to Block Chain and Crypto Currency
  • Emerging Economics: Opportunities and Challenges for Fintech / Project Allocation
  • Fintech and Quantum Computing

Know Your Program Advisor

Dr. Jayant Mahajan

Assistant Professor of the Department of Management at CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Lavasa-The Hub of Analytics

Dr. Jayant Mahajan is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Management at CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Lavasa-The Hub of Analytics. He is a B.Sc. in Physics and has done Masters in Information Management, from the University of Mumbai. He has been awarded a Ph.D. from Symbiosis International University. He has developed a Training Model for teaching ICT to visually challenged students as a part of his Doctoral Thesis work. His current research activities focus on Strategy Management, Fintech and Philosophy of technology.