Creative Photography

Creative Photography

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Brief Introduction

From complete beginners to advanced photographers… whether it’s landscape photography, portraits, street photography or something else, this digital photography course is guaranteed to help improve your photography skills.


Who is it for?

An easy system for shooting great pictures with your phone or camera. It’s for anyone who is interested in quickly and dramatically improve their photography.

Projects & Personal Style

From portraiture to landscapes, cityscapes to nighttime, create photo projects to spark inspiration and find your signature style.

What Skills Will You Learn

This course gives the basic understanding of the photography as a medium of communication and gives an opportunity to exhibit their skills to explore, understand the significance of photography as an important visual language through creative learning process.

Course Outline

  • Origins & Evolution of Photography

  • Capturing light through lens colors and its use in making of an image

  • Different fields of photography

  • Advertising Photography

  • Photojournalism

Know Your Program Advisor

Shraddha Bhargava

Shraddha Bhargava started her photography career with International Art and Cultural Magazine and later moved on to photojournalism with DNA India. Her work has been published and exhibited Internationally and across India, in eminent magazines like National Geographic Traveler, Herald Sun Australia, Little Black Book, Better Photography etc. Working across genres for a decade has inclined Shraddha towards using photography as a medium to both learn and teach young minds. She is also developing different methodologies of photography practices to teach students with special needs- by which she aspires to build bridges between the mind image and visual perception.